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I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker providing Telehealth counseling to people residing in New York and New Jersey. 

Therapy is personal and serves unique purposes for each individual.  I help people figure out what it is they are looking to achieve.  Therapy can look like self-exploration, healing pain from the past, unlearning behaviors or thought patterns that have become unhelpful, navigating relationship issues, or simply a supportive space to talk through major life decisions.  

Anxiety is a primary focus of my practice due to the fact that so many of us struggle with it.  While everyone experiences degrees of anxiety, it can become very overwhelming and isolating for some.  I can be the person to help you manage the anxiety that feels out of control.  Together, we will unburden you from being a slave to your thoughts, build upon your existing strength and develop a toolbox of coping strategies that you can easily access when things get hard. 

Are you struggling with adapting to major life changes or making life altering decisions?  Through warmth and compassion, I can offer you a safe space to explore how you're feeling about these changes and help you find the resolution you are looking for.

Struggling with anxiety, whether it be chronic or due to major changes in life, can impact how we behave in our closest relationships.  As a clinician with advanced training in Couples and Families, I can help you navigate and shift negative patterns you are noticing with your partner, family members or friends so that you can receive the love and support that you deserve. 

If you are curious whether I would be the right therapist for you, I invite you to contact me for a free consultation 


Anxiety, self-esteem, major life changes, relationship stressors, grief, parenting concerns

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